The script was not like, ‘Okay, so Beth and Daryl are going to totally hook up,’ but when I watch the episode, it was like I kind of wanted that — which was what he [Norman] brings to it and what Emily brought to it - Greg Nicotero 

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If acting is my passion then song-writing is sort of a steady best friend.

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"I’m gonna say hiiii to the guuyyy with the kniiiife! Hi!"

my personal favorite idek what to say

I was half ready for Rick to actually say this.

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i am so ready to break the internet on october 12th

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Sceneframing The Walking Dead
Atlanta, GA, USA | May 2014

  1. "Days Gone By" | Rick rides into Atlanta, 1x01
  2. "Vatos" | Glenn and Daryl hide in the alley, 1x04
  3. "Vatos" | Getting Glenn back, 1x04
  4. "Arrow on the Doorpost" | Andrea and Hershell wait for Rick at the meet-up with the Governor, 3x13
  5. "Claimed" | Michonne, Carl and Rick find a Terminus sign, 4x11
  6. "Days Gone By" | Rick rides into Atlanta, 1x01

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The cast films Season 5, Episode 1